You cannot choose where to lose weight/burn fat. Read on to find out why.

OK, I know this was one of the biggest issues I faced with most of my clients(mostly women), during my training years. I would get questions like “Scars, how do I lose weight around my belly region\love handles and not lose weight around my butt/boobs ?” This kinda question always leaves me in two states in the first few 5 seconds.

  • Firstly, confused(even though I know how to answer) and
  • Secondly, I end up laughing.

So If you are one of these types that want to lose weight only on a specific body part, keep reading on, I’m going to try to keep this very simple and eliminate of the long fitness word so all you stubborn heads out there can understand ;). 

Firstly, you need to know that wanting to build a specific body part is very different from wanting to lose weight in a specific body part/or drop fat in a specific body part. The simple difference is that the first is very possible in fact it is the only to build your muscles and the later is not really possible, in fact it is impossible haha, now wait before you start saying “but Scars my trainer said anything is possible if I set my mind to it” (BTW if your personal trainer doesn’t motivate you, you basically just have another copy of yourself training you lol). Yes, anything is possible if you putting effort to do it the right way. 

Yes, anything is possible if you set your mind to it, that’s very true, but with losing weight/fat only on your legs or hands doesn’t seem to work like that for me. You need to understand that your overall body weight makes up your whole body composition. Let’s assume that your cardio exercise is running on the trade mill, now do you think you are running on the trade mill to lose weight only on your head or your legs or your right arm alone? if your answer is No, then you are getting my point but if your answer is still yes, you need deliverance haha. 

In fact, OK, I had to start this paragraph with the letter I just so it completes FYI(for your information) because I stared the first paragraph with F and the second with which where UN-intentional but I took notice and decide to just complete it, am just awesome like that hehe. So back to the main point. When you decide to lose weight, you need to commit to losing weight and accept the fact that you are going to lose weight all over your body. If there is fat in your butt and you want to lose weight then the fat will leave your butt and every other part of your body as well that holds fat. Now am not saying that your butt will disappear, no it will not in fact if you where born with a big butt then you will always have a big butt and if you where born with a small butt, you will have a small but you just have to accept it, the good news with the smaller butt category is that the gym call help you tone it up and make it look nice.

Now just to summarize what I have been saying since the beginning. Losing weight is different from gaining/building muscles, it is possible to train a certain body part to add muscles to that body part(example can be your training biceps/triceps/forearm) but it is not possible to lose weight/burn fat just on your legs alone or my stomach alone. If you are going to burn fat around your belly, you have to be ready to lose fat at other body parts too. There is an old saying that says 

You cannot serve two masters at a time


And I agree with that quote, even though I don’t know who’s quote that is. So stop worrying about losing your butt/ass or boobs/breast it won’t disappear at all. I hope you learned something new today.

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