You cannot choose where to lose weight/burn fat. Read on to find out why.

OK, I know this was one of the biggest issues I faced with most of my clients(mostly women), during my training years. I would get questions like “Scars, how do I lose weight around my belly region\love handles and not lose weight around my butt/boobs ?” This kinda question always leaves me in two states in the first few 5 seconds.

  • Firstly, confused(even though I know how to answer) and
  • Secondly, I end up laughing.

So If you are one of these types that want to lose weight only on a specific body part, keep reading on, I’m going to try to keep this very simple and eliminate of the long fitness word so all you stubborn heads out there can understand ;). 

Firstly, you need to know that wanting to build a specific body part is very different from wanting to lose weight in a specific body part/or drop fat in a specific body part. The simple difference is that the first is very possible in fact it is the only to build your muscles and the later is not really possible, in fact it is impossible haha, now wait before you start saying “but Scars my trainer said anything is possible if I set my mind to it” (BTW if your personal trainer doesn’t motivate you, you basically just have another copy of yourself training you lol). Yes, anything is possible if you putting effort to do it the right way. 

Yes, anything is possible if you set your mind to it, that’s very true, but with losing weight/fat only on your legs or hands doesn’t seem to work like that for me. You need to understand that your overall body weight makes up your whole body composition. Let’s assume that your cardio exercise is running on the trade mill, now do you think you are running on the trade mill to lose weight only on your head or your legs or your right arm alone? if your answer is No, then you are getting my point but if your answer is still yes, you need deliverance haha. 

In fact, OK, I had to start this paragraph with the letter I just so it completes FYI(for your information) because I stared the first paragraph with F and the second with which where UN-intentional but I took notice and decide to just complete it, am just awesome like that hehe. So back to the main point. When you decide to lose weight, you need to commit to losing weight and accept the fact that you are going to lose weight all over your body. If there is fat in your butt and you want to lose weight then the fat will leave your butt and every other part of your body as well that holds fat. Now am not saying that your butt will disappear, no it will not in fact if you where born with a big butt then you will always have a big butt and if you where born with a small butt, you will have a small but you just have to accept it, the good news with the smaller butt category is that the gym call help you tone it up and make it look nice.

Now just to summarize what I have been saying since the beginning. Losing weight is different from gaining/building muscles, it is possible to train a certain body part to add muscles to that body part(example can be your training biceps/triceps/forearm) but it is not possible to lose weight/burn fat just on your legs alone or my stomach alone. If you are going to burn fat around your belly, you have to be ready to lose fat at other body parts too. There is an old saying that says 

You cannot serve two masters at a time


And I agree with that quote, even though I don’t know who’s quote that is. So stop worrying about losing your butt/ass or boobs/breast it won’t disappear at all. I hope you learned something new today.

Revealing your abs VS Building your abs. There’s a difference

OK when it comes to the topic of abs or six-packs, there is a whole lot of misunderstanding around it. let’s start with revealing your abs then we go onto building your abs. I will not go into specific exercises in this post, I just want to clarify the misunderstanding for most of my friends(strangers I don’t know yet 😉 ) out there when it comes to the reason they don’t seem to see any progress with the abdominal muscles.

Revealing your abs

Am going to keep this very simple and short and i will type the exact way i talk. If your body fat percentage is still high, there is really no point in doing abs exercises. Now don’t get me wrong and not saying you should not do abdominal exercises at all, you can if you want to but you should not hope to see your abs developing because the layers of fat in front of your abdominal muscles will not allow you see your abs.

Am going to keep this very simple and short and i will type the exact way i talk. If your body fat percentage is still high, there is really no point in doing abs exercises. Now don’t get me wrong and not saying you should not do abdominal exercises at all, you can if you want to but you should not hope to see your abs developing because the layers of fat in front of your abdominal muscles will not allow you see your abs.

So my point is if your body fat percentage is still very high focus on reducing your body fat through HIIT (High intensity interval training), good low carbs meals and supplementation and healthy drinks. When your body fat is low enough, you might even find out that your already have a six pack which has just been hiding beneath the layers of fat on your belly region(abdominal). With this been said we can then move on to building your abs.

Building your abs

There is very little for me to say here because if you have already reduced your body fat percentage and you’re are now seeing your abs, all you now have to do is build your abs by doing various exercises which target different areas, from your lower abs to your obliques and then your upper abs. (There are scientific names for all these different body parts but I choose to just call them, lower abs, v-line, upper abs, and side abs lol). I will go more into details about specific exercises in another post, so just be on the lookout 😉 but for now, I hope you understood the simple basics.

New Years Greetings

This is probably going to be one of my shortest post of 2020.

I want to use this opportunity to wish everyone that cares enough to read my articles a happy new year, and to the many new fans, I will gain this year 2020. I want to wish everyone a happy new year and a blissful month(s) ahead.

Don’t forget to live your life to the fullest this year, this particular post is not only about fitness right now but to genuinely tell everyone to go out there and be the best they could become.

  • Get those swimming lessons.
  • Talk to the crush you have always wanted to
  • Startup the business you have always wanted to
  • Begin that youtube channel
  • Make friends
  • Visit that place you wish you could
  • Try out different things
  • Get that gym membership(of course, we can’t leave this out 😉 )
  • Last but not the least, be happy.

Happy new from all the team.

Eating big to get big. The Truth Revealed

Before I start revealing the truth on the notion of ‘eating big to get big’ I want to say that this is not a post on eating clean/dieting/healthy foods, those topics will be covered in another article that will be released soon here on With that been said let’s get into the truth.

The Simple Truth

Now the question of should you be eating big to get big, the simple truth is yes and no, I will explain. Allow me to start with why I said yes then I will move into why I said no.

Yes, you should be eating big to get big, it’s as simple as that, it’s not rocket science, for example, would you keep driving a car without fueling it or charging it? I am guessing your answer is No, now if your answer is no, ask yourself why? my answer is because you do not want your car/engine to blow up/break down. The same principle applies to the human body, when you train/workout in the gym or wherever, you use energy and you burn down calories, the more harder or intense you train, the more food you will want to eat, its not something you might even be able to control, you might notice that you always get hungry every two hours and you just want to eat eat eat.

Now the reason I said no is because you also don’t have to force yourself to eat when you don’t feel hungry, you don’t have to be a glutton just because you want to get big. This mostly applies to those who are just starting out on their fitness journey, your appetite won’t be on the same level as someone who has been training for 5, 10, 15 years or more. You just have to know that you need food to keep your body in good condition and also to reach your fitness and lifestyle goals.


What I am trying to say is that, whether you have been training for a long time or just starting out, you need food, the quantity depends on you, your goals and the stage/fitness level. It makes sense for those who have been training for a long time to always want to eat more, am not saying that those who don’t train at all, or those who just started with their fitness journey should not eat a lot, what am saying is that, don’t be a glutton just because you want to get big, eat enough when you are hungry and then enough when you are hungry again, if you are serious about fitness, you will notice that your appetite will grow as your fitness game gets stronger.

I can’t cover everything you need to know about fitness and food, that will require a full book but I hope this article helped you gain a bit of insight. I will be glad to hear from my readers, comment below if you still have any questions, feel free to ask even if it’s not directly related to this topic, let’s engage, or you can reach out to me directly.